Dear Fat Loss Enthusiast

If you are interested in a long forgotten secret to burn fat quickly and easily this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s why:

Fat Loss EnthusiastMy name is Troy Anderson. I’m not a professional Ad Writer. But what I have to share with you is so extraordinary and so powerful; I’ve decided to write it myself. So bare with me a little.

And with my colleague Josh Henkin I’m going to be revealing a very powerful way to burn fat.

You’ve probably read about them in Men’s Health… Maximum Muscle and Men’s Fitness Magazines as well as many more – In a few minutes I’ll tell you about what these big name publications are begging me to reveal about burning fat fast…

But let me introduce ourselves first. We’re both Fitness coaches, and specialize in something called a kettlebell.

It all started a few years ago. I was doing fitness coaching out of Tempe, Arizona (Josh has a gym just up the road in Scottsdale, AZ), when after a long day I was driving home.

When I got home sitting on my kitchen table was something I didn’t expect to see…. It was a black metal ball with a handle.

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit it but for a few seconds I thought…

“It Was a Bomb on My Kitchen Table!”

Then my wife came out of the next room with a little smile on her face that she always has when she’s excited about something.

You see we’re both fitness nuts and like to keep testing new stuff out. So she had taken it as her duty to buy something called a kettle bell. This is basically a ball with a handle which gives an amazing workout in just 15 minutes a day!

Famous Athletes, Hollywood Stars and even every day people have said that nothing they’ve ever done compares to the power of the kettlebell!

Actually here’s a photo of one of my students using it:Kettlebell

Find out How Kim Stays Slim and Lean, with Her at Home Kettlebell

And even though I’d heard a lot about the kettlebell and how easily absolutely anyone could start burning fat… Even though other well known fitness coaches were using them… as well as fire-fighters… swat teams… elite army units and even Hollywood movie stars. I was stubborn…

“And I Wasn’t Going To Have Anything to do With it!”

exercise machines sold on late night TVYep, I guess I just thought it was just another fad. Or it would be just for another weight loss scam.

As a coach I see so many people almost blindly robbed by greedy cashed up supplement companies, hyped up exercise machines sold on late night TV and all the other dime-a-dozen diets

I have a right to be skeptical…. My students are relying on me!

But I also got curious, and tried them out on myself. But then I was hooked… And although my wife may not like it:

“Lost 40 Pounds and a 21 Year Olds Body at 41!”

“Working with Josh I have had amazing results.

Losing 40 pounds and getting a body at 41 that I would have died for at 21 is more than a compliment to the power of kettle bell training.

When people notice you know the results are real!”

-Christi Riley

“I stole it off her... And she’s not getting them Back!”

Some of the results we got were simply amazing.

Just look on the side of the page they are real unsolicitated testimonials from our coaching students.

Not to mention some of the other big benefits…

“More Energy than my Kids!”

“Kettlebells provide me the ability to do everything I want, giving me more energy, losing fat, and playing golf Kettlebells work!

I was hesitant being 58, but I have more energy than my own kids!”

-Elizabeth Pope

“They’re Transportable... And Cheap!”

kettlebells for homeOne of the best things about kettlebells is that they’re so convenient. It’s like having an entire gym in a ball.

You can take them in your car to work, on vacation or wherever you go and never walk into a gym again!

Also it’s a lot cheaper. You can buy a kettlebell for less than it costs to fill up your gas tank. When you compare that to gym memberships and the costs of setting up a home gym – you’ll save some serious money.

But that’s not even the best thing….

“I lost 50lbs in just 9 months!”

“With a sweat and hard work, good nutrition, and Kettlebells, I lost 50lbs in just 9 months.”

— Martin Riley

“It’s so Quick And Easy Even Doctors Are Recommending Kettlebells”

I recommend Kettlebells to all my patients because they help build functional strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health”

Dr. Mark Force, DC

Dr. Mark Force, DC

Rolling Stone Magazine Called Them The Weight of the Year and Celebrity Trainers All Across America Know that Their.

From Behind the Iron Curtain Fat Burning Secret is the Worlds Most Effective Fat Loss Solution.

“I was probably in the best shape of my life for Knocked Up but I hated going to the gym… I’ve now found a woman who teaches kettlebell classes.

It’s a mix of cardio and weight training but I only do it for 20 minutes twice a week and it’s changed my body shape.”

Katherine Heigl, Grey’s Anatomy Star

Dont Believe the Hype?

SWAT Teams… The FBI… Elite Special Forces Swear by This Method to Hone Their Fast Response Fitness and Out Last the Most Vile Bad Guys!

“Burned A LOT of FAT”

“Don’t let the simplicity of the kettle bell fool you – this deceptive piece of equipment has significantly improved my overall strength, stamina, coordination, cardio, and flexibility.

Whether kettle bell work is integrated into my training program or just used by itself, I definitely go home feeling that I got in a very good workout and burned a lot of fat!”

Kari Parker

Kari Parker

Lost 6% Body Fat and 12 Pounds

“Since working with Kettlebells 7 months ago, I have lost 6% body fat and 12 pounds. I was one that would not stick with a workout program and since I have followed kettlebell programs, I haven’t been bored and look forward to my workouts!”

– Amanda Cunningham

Are They Safe for Everyone

Kettlebells - The best way to weight train!One thing that a lot of people ask us is whether or not kettlebells are safe for everyday people. (A.K.A not just for fire fighters, SWAT Teams, and Elite Military Units)

And the answer is a resounding YES! In fact we went as far as to ask a doctor what he thought:

Another thing is whether or not you can use them with a sore back.

Once again the answer is YES.

My buddy and business partner Josh Henkin was skeptical of them because he had a bad back.

But in reality they actually helped fix his back! That’s one of the best things about kettlebells. If you use them you’ll exercise muscles that you normally wouldn’t even touch.

So you reduce injury as well as increasing

The main key is that you do it the right way – it’s easy. But imagine if you had a step-by-step guide to show you how to work out properly.

Introducing.... “Meltdown Kettlebell Training: Two Systems Total Fat Loss”

3D Meltdowncover

You get a Full Length DVD along with a 155 page step by step manual that will be shipped directly to your home.

That you can use to start burning fat as soon as you tear of the packaging.

The manual and DVD include page after page of detailed ‘how to’ information, exercise descriptions, on the DVD we even included 4 actual workouts straight out of the manual.

Not just a much of exercise descriptions that you don’t care about.

We realize that once you get this DVD that you want to get straight to burning fat.

Which why we have included the 4 follow along workouts that we personally demonstrate and describe exactly how to do so that you can get the results you deserve.

These 4 workout sessions are pulled directly from the 21 Weeks of Fat Shedding Workouts within the Program.

And that’s only a fraction of the workouts we’ll be showing you!

From the Comfort of your own home we take you step-by-step through an entire workout.

It’s just like having us right next to you spurring you into action.
In fact we will be guiding you through 25 different workouts all proven to work time and time again!

Here are some things You Experience:

  • A really Simple and Easy technique used by Olympic Athletes who need results fast!
  • The Kettlebell secret which works out your entire body… so you can burn fat faster than you believed possible!
  • The Amazing Secret of one of the world’s healthy, fittest and respected men and exactly what exercise he recommends HINT: This may surprise you!
  • How to Not only burn fat but start to develop a lean hard body using this long forgotten Russian secret

You Also Discover the...

Kettlebell Workouts ►The 5 Things you absolutely must do before you start using Kettlebells if you want to burn fat.

►Two things that you need to do if you want to become athletic… forget these and you don’t stand a chance!

►7 Things which will absolutely murder your chances at losing weight… and how to overcome them.

►Why using Kettlebells can give you a body that will rival the bodies of celebrities: Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Kim Bassinger, it’s true they are all kettlebell users!

►4 Week ‘Start from Ground Zero Training Plan’… that will allow the inexperience kettlebell user to start down the path to becomes a fat losing sensation, by starting with this simple and easy 4 week plan and progressing into the other 17 weeks of training.

►How to use ‘Smoking’ to burn fat (This isn’t what you think!).

And heaps more!

Using kettlebells can be confusing if you don’t have the right training. But that’s where we come in. We’ll show you dozens of workouts for surefire fat loss! It’s very powerful. In fact I would even go as far as saying: “It Makes All Fat Loss Methods Obsolete!”

“Do NOT Read this Part if you’ve forked out for a Gym Membership Before it’ll break your heart”

Listen. As you can see so far we’re pretty straight shooters, so we have to say this even though it won’t impress some people who read this letter.

If you are planning to just go and eat Burger King or Pizza every night for dinner and still expect the ‘miraculous’ kettlebell workouts to work it all off…

You better leave this website right now. You’re wasting yours and our time.
Even with all the exercise in the world if you don’t eat a balanced and healthy diet you will never lose the amount of weight that you want.

This is why we are giving you 2 Special Bonuses to get and keep you on the Fat Loss Fast Track:

First we want to give you a Special 30 Day Program from our good friends Franz and Yoanna Snideman, both of whom of living proof of their clean eating philosophy.

They are going to share with you the special tips for getting and staying lean and healthy.

Along with (Franz’s Special report) we are also giving access to the Elimination Diet, the hassle free eating plan the our friend and colleague Dax Moy, has used time and again to guarantee that his client Lose 1 Dress Size in 21 Days or Less.

Straight up, NO BS, follow this nutrition plan to a ‘T’ and you will get the same, I have seen it work like a charm with my own clients

Dax’s Elimination Diet has been used successfully by more than 21,000 people from all around the world. Now it is Your turn to join the successful and strip off that unwanted body fat forever.

But once you start using Kettlebells for 15 minutes a day plus eat properly you can pretty much throw away your gym membership forever.

You can flush those expensive and useless Fat Loss pills down the toilet and you can say goodbye to painful jogging.

Because Kettlebells deliver the complete workout:

Endurance: You’ll be able to keep active for hours and hours with the stamina that you had as a teenager.
Flexibility: Most people who use Kettlebells quickly become much more flexible and alive!
Prevents Injury: They actually prevent injury – by exercising muscles that usually wouldn’t do anything you significantly reduce the chances of you getting injured.
Cardiovascular Workout: Get your heart and lungs healthy and active again quickly and easily!
Improve Strength: No Matter if you a guy or a girl you’ll increase your strength heaps after using this.
Muscle Definition: Once you start to lose those pounds/ kilos the best thing is you can start to get muscle definition… six packs and the perfect hard body you’ve always wanted are not too far away.

And most importantly it’s FAST!

kettlebells for homeOf course it’ll take a few hours to learn the techniques properly – But once you get it right there is no stopping you!
You can start getting results within days of using them for just 15 minutes a day. Hundreds of normal everyday people have proven it.

So you’re probably wondering how much it costs. But we think the right question is: How much will it cost if you don’t order our training manual and DVDs right now?

Think of how much money you’ll save when you compare that to how much it costs to hire a personal trainer (At least $400 a Month)… Some gyms charge $1,000 a year to be a member.

Not to mention how much money you’ll save on doctor’s visits, medicine and all those other annoying expenses that come with being unfit.

But we won’t take all of that into account. In fact because this is the first time we’ve released this course it’s going to be much, much cheaper.
Because of all this it’s a no brainer at $97.
If you divide that over the course of a year – it’s much less than 27 cents a day. Is a healthy, fit and strong body worth a stick of gum a day to you?

If not then leave this website right now, because you’re wasting my time and ours:

“Here’s what to do If You Want To Change Your Fitness Life Forever”

It’s actually really simple. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the order now button.

You’ll be taken to a 100% Secure Encrypted Credit Card Server. This ensures that your order is unreadable to anyone else except us to protect you from credit card fraud.

You just enter your details and I’ll charge your card and ship your course.

Remember, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Bank Card. You’ll receive the course shipped to you within 10 Days or Less straight to your front door! But you….

“Must Take Action Right Now”

We’ve already shown you why this is the laziest and quickest way to really start losing weight in just 15 minutes a day. We’ve shown you stacks of real life people who’ve lost weight following my system – even though they were skeptical. (Even we didn’t believe it at first!)

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth is and the Risk is on Our Shoulders

kettlebells for home

We’ve shown you how there is literally no risk. If you don’t get the hard beach body you’ve always wanted just send us an email and we’ll refund you every cent within the first 60 days!

Covering All the Bases with More Special Bonuses

(Value: $27)

(Value: $27)

While we are giving you a few bonuses here our real goal is give you a program that you can USE, many product give you a laundry list of PDF downloads that do nothing but sit and collect dust in a folder on your hard drive.

We know that is exactly what you don’t want, you want FAT LOSS RESULTS, so we have put together a few the best bonuses that will help you get those results fastest.

Want more?

Our first bonus is the Kettlebell Fat Loss Unleashed Program, it goes hand in hand with all the Meltdown Training Programs.

Instead only giving You just 6 months of programs we wanted to up the ante and give you over 7 Months of Kettlbell Fat Loss Programs.

Having Trouble with the Meltdown Program?

Our next bonus is a special 1 Time Troubleshooting Teleseminar, where you’ll be able to call in and ask Josh and I any question you have during a 60 minute open line teleseminar. This is to insure that you are going to get the absolute best out of the Meltdown Program.

Be On The Look: Teleseminar Information is Coming Your Way

As an appreciated Customer You will receive notice of these Special teleseminars during the next few weeks. So keep a close eye on your in-box so that you won’t miss the event.

Especially the troubleshooting teleseminar, as we would hate for you to miss an opportunity to get your burning questions answered. While this will be recorded and available to listen to later, only those who attend the live event will be able to ask their specific question.

Need some motivation and inspiration to get started?


Our third bonus is, an audio interview with: Muata Kamdibe.

Muata, has lost over 130lbs all on his own, using old school training tools like kettlebells and sandbag.

You’ll get to hear Muata’s inner secrets for achieving success, and how he only loss 3lbs in 3months and later only lost 5lbs in 1 year, yet still stuck with the plan, and lost all the weight. Now his goal is get down to 5% bodyfat, awesome.

Do You Have a Goal?

Our final bonus is an audio interview with: Dax Moy the creator of the Magic Hundred Goal ‘Getting’ Program.

(Value: $97 )

(Value: $97 )

Both Josh and I have personally used this a program and it is absolutely awesome.

As ‘in the trenches’ fitness coaches we realize ‘mindset’, goals, and goal setting are stones that are often left with fat loss programs.

In this interview we are going to pry out the best tips for never ending success from Dax.

We’ve already shown you exactly why you need to order right now, and how each of our exclusive bonuses will help to provide you support and propel you to your ultimate fat loss success.

In fact we’ve shown you everything you need to know to order right now, and that’s exactly what you should do.

Listen 30 days from now you can either be just as fat, unhappy and tired as you are today… or you could be well on the way to a lean and hard beach body which will turn heads.

We know you will make the right decision

Josh Henkin and Troy Anderson

Josh Henkin and Troy Anderson

Kettlebell Experts and ‘In the Trenches’ Fitness Coaches

P.S. Literally all the Risk is on our shoulders. Not only is there a 100% money back guarantee it’s for a full 60 days… so you have plenty of time to try it out.

P.S.S. Remember Josh and I have will be spending you tips and videos for the next 30 days, because we want you to win the fat loss war. It’s no good for anyone you don’t open the manual, pop in the DVD, and grab the Kettlebell and get to work. And just in case you have a ‘weak moment’ Josh and I want to be there to get you moving again. Let’s get this thing done together, so Make sure you order right now so you don’t miss out.